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Argo is a tactical multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Bohemia Interactive and was released in June 2017. Players will be deployed to the island of Malden, a fictional Mediterranean island characterized by dense urban areas, wide open plains and numerous unique points of interests. The diversity of the combat zones guarantees an optimal experience for each game mode.

Two rival factions of mercenaries compete over objectives on the island in a 5-vs-5 match-up. The keys to victory in this highly competitive tactical first-person shooter are teamwork, tactics and skill. A single bullet can be all that it takes to come out on top. Jump into combat and fight over the remnants of a crashed space station. Gain experience and work your way up the ranks from a rookie operator to a seasoned veteran, unlocking new weapons, attachments and gear as you level up.

Players can choose from multiple game modes. Explore the island with your friends in Combat Patrol and fulfill randomized objectives scattered across the island in an open-world setting while fighting of AI opponents. Or jump into one of the three competitive game modes by competing as part of a 5-man unit. In Clash, two rival factions of mercenaries battle over territory in a series of combat engagements. In Link, the objective is to capture a consecutive chain of points before the enemy takes control. Raid tasks one unit to find a data terminal while the other unit needs to defend the three possible locations. Each game mode represents an unique experience and guarantees that every game is different.

Argo also features a built-in scenario editor so you can design and play your own missions.

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We have two 10GB fibres in different locations. Giving us unparalleled redundancy.

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