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ARK: Survival of the Fittest


ARK: Suvival of the Fittest (SotF) is a multiplayer online survival arena spin-off of ARK: Survival Evolved. As many as 72 combatants are pitted against each other in a struggle for survival in a harsh, changing environment. Become the last man standing by killing all other competitors on the island.

As you start in the same environment as ARK: Survival Evolved, the game will take place at an accelerated pace allowing players to level, gather, tame and build at quicker rates. New environments and creatures are introduced as the game evolves. Additionally, as time progresses the area in which players may move gets smaller. This will eventually force an epic confrontation between the remaining survivors. If you team up with friends you can form a ‘Tribe’.

A matchmaking system, ranked games, numerous rewards and tournament features make this multiplayer slaughter fest readily accessible to all players.

CrossTravel Cluster

You can add cluster two or more servers together. Cross travel is fully supported by Servon Games and we can help you get it setup so you can host more than one map at once.

All Maps Supported

All maps are supported, including, The Island, Ragnarok, The Center, Scorched Earth, Valhalla, Exodus, Umassoura, The Moon Map, Terra Nova Initia, Shigo Islands, Madagascar, The Oldest World, Ragnarok, The Volcano, Procedural Map and many many more.

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Our automation means your Survival of the Fittest server will be up instantly no matter what time of day it is. As soon as you order go to the client area, services and get your username and password.

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