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Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight is an online multiplayer horrorfest in which a single player is the unforgiving hunter of the other four players who must try to survive. The group of four survivors must try to escape an enclosed area at night, whereas the killer needs to kill all four other players. When playing on either side, you have the option to assume the role of numerous characters, each with his/her own unique abilities. Additionally, survivors can lay traps and interact with objects in the area to slow down the killer. After each match players gain points which they can use to unlock items and perks that increase the chances of successfully fulfilling your role next game. The game takes place across several different maps with varying themes and buildings. Stealth, smarts and discretion is the key if you’re playing survivor. If you’re more hungry for blood and torment, become a killer and catch all survivors.

Our Dead by Daylight Hosting Features

  • Daily Offsite Backups
    7 Days of Backups Archived Offsite For Maximum Redundency
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    Our servers are high end Dell machines with E5 CPU and the latest SSD Drives so your server will never be wantings
  • SSD Hosted
    All servers are hosted on SSD hard drives and mostly in Raid-0 for faster loading times.
  • Steam Workshop
    Installer Easily install mods with our control panel mod manager.
  • Instant Setup
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