A dedicated server from Servon Games

If you are looking for a powerful dedicated server, Servon Games is there for you. We offer various types of servers which are also suitable for games such as: Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, Counterstrike etc. In addition to safe, powerful and reliable, Servon Games dedicated servers also have an excellent price-quality ratio. In addition, you can start or end our services at any time of the month.

With us, you are never tied to a long-term contract. The dedicated servers are provided with excellent SLA-support and are supplied with 5 IP’s. At Servon Games you never have to wait for your order. We deliver your dedicated gameserver within 4 hours. Your own dedicated server offers many benefits. Certainly while gaming, you don’t want to depend on other users and players who share the server with you.

This influences your playing experience and the performance of the game. The Servon Games team will be happy to assist you. Of course, you can benefit from fast service. This means that your dedicated server is available 24/7, just like our support. So we always offer you the right support and guidance.

Powerful dedicated server

Powerful dedicated server

Games are often complex and require a lot of speed and space. This requires a powerful server. This is very important if you want to bring your playing experience to the highest level. A dedicated server that is not powerful enough can make the game slow, which will also make it difficult to install applications or updates.

That is why more and more gamers are opting for a dedicated game server from Servon Games. The speed with which you can play your game is always guaranteed and stable with a dedicated server. In addition, a dedicated server from Servon Games gives you the assurance of excellent support. Because we work worldwide in a team of specialists, we can always offer a blazing fast service. With us, you never have to wait long for your order.

Because our servers are configured regularly, you can always use your dedicated server within 4 hours. Moreover, at Servon Games you can always count on perfect 24/7 support if you opt for a dedicated server. Not only if updates are available, but of course also if a malfunction occurs. You can always count on speed, control and safety. Contact us if you prefer more information about our dedicated servers or order yours right away.

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