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Fracture The Flag Game Info

Fracture the Flag is an online player versus player oriented real-time strategy game, developed by One Wheel Studio and was released in December 2016.

The primary goal is to expand your territory and conquer your opponent’s territory. Take control of an area by collecting resources and planting flags. Slowly expand your territory and simultaneously take out an opponent’s flag to erase their influence in a certain area. Some territories are rich in resources whereas other areas have tactical or strategical value. Take down enemy walls using siege weapons and hand delivered bombs. Crush their economy by selectively destroying key buildings in their base. The early part of the game is based around resource collection in order to build more weapons and expand. Upgrades allow workers to work more efficiently and increase effectiveness of weapons. Plant your flags strategically and deploy units within the territory that you control. As your territory expands, the conflict will begin.

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