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Hellion is a first person multiplayer space survival game, developed by Zero Gravity and was released in February 2017. It is a fusion of survival and space simulation genres that pits players against the deadly environment and one another. Explore space stations, harvest resources like air, water and other equipment necessary for survival in a hard vacuum with extreme temperatures and deadly radiation. Keep in mind you are not the only survivor out there. Be wary of strangers that offer their help, or lure them in and pillage what you need from other survivors. Immerse yourself in a solar system where all in-game objects abide by Newtonian physics and orbital mechanics. Find a way to survive in the most harsh environment by stripping abandoned space ships for parts to fix and upgrade your own equipment. Learn to maintain and resupply your ship and equipment, and customize everything with items from salvaged modules. Navigate through the Hellion system in your own spaceship and explore deserted stations, outposts and ships in your EVA suit as you enter zones with zero gravity. Engage in close quarters combat and use the environment to your advantage. Team up with other players for protection or lead a party of outlaws to raid other space ships and leave behind a trail of havoc. Divide roles and bring your friends along for the ride on a multi-crew ship in a completely unrestricted multiplayer interaction. Your actions and choices matter.

Hellion Key Features

24 Hour Support

At Servon Games we are online a true 24 hours a day to support you and help you configure your server. With lightening fast response times to boot. You will never be stuck at Servon Games.

Offsite Backups

We zip up your Hellion server on every reboot and upload it to our offsite backup NAS. You will never lose data at Servon Games. We hold data from every reboot for 60 days.


At Servon Games we only use real servers, no desktop parts here. Our reliability is unsurpassed and uses the very best enterprise-grade hard drives. We have not had a hard drive failure in 4 years.

Experienced Game Host

When you buy a game server from Servongames.com you are buying from a company that has had ten years hosting game servers already. Experience is the key to success and we have seen many other companies come and go.


Communication is the key to solving all problems. That is why we have live chat, 24-hour support and plenty of staff on rotation to be here to talk to you when you need us.

Game Switching

If you get bored with the game server you order you can simply switch it to another game with our amazing game switcher tool, completely free.

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