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Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is a co-op first person survival shooter game developed by Tripwire Interactive and was released in November 2016. Create a team of up to 6 players and slaughter the Zeds, a breed of zombies that have descended into continental Europe after an experiment by Horzine Biotech went horribly wrong. The outbreak has spread quickly, leaving Europe in disarray as governments have collapsed, communications have failed, and military forces have been eradicated. Few survivors have banded together to combat the outbreak. Gameplay consists of killing numerous waves of zombies, earning a specific currency Dosh, with which you can buy weapons and upgrades in between waves. Different and more difficult enemy types and boss fights are introduced as the game progresses. Choose from several perks that add various skill boosts in the game, such as field medic, commando and support. A well-balanced team composition is necessary to increase the chances of survival. Slaughter the endless waves of Zeds with modern military equipment, brutal improvised makeshift weapons, classical historical guns, and off the wall ‘Mad Scientist’ weapons. The newest addition to Killing Floors 2 is the option to engage in survival versus mode, a 12 player PvP mode where one team plays humans and the other team takes on the role of Zeds. Killing Floors 2 is an addictive, gory co-op shooter and will deliver hours of fun as you and your friends slaughter your way through hordes of zombies.

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