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Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam is a tactical first-person shooter and is a direct sequel to 2013’s Rising Storm and is set during the Vietnam War. The game was released in May 2017. This game is a shooter that emphasizes large-scale teamwork with realistic mechanics and combat. Many of the locations in the game are based on real historic battles. The maps come in three themes; jungle, rural and urban. Make use of more than 30 era-specific weapons and take control of airborne vehicles, such as attack, reconnaissance and transport helicopters. Additionally, there are numerous options for weapon and character customization. Play as both the US military and Vietnamese guerrilla forces. Create a squad to play with your friends and engage in massive 64 player battles on over 8 multiplayer maps and 3 modes, which include territories, supremacy and skirmish. Also, the game offers players to choose from one of the 13 different classes, enabling players to engage combat in a variety of ways. Set up your squad and command your team to victory.

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